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WIO Workbook Orders

Revised 2.21.24

(We NO LONGER accept orders using the 2021 order form.)

We now have TWO options for ordering workbooks. 

1.   Order online and pay by credit card at    This is the best option if you need fewer than 200 books and prefer to pay by credit card.  Note that all orders are for "10-packs" of workbooks (e.g., 3 packs = 30 books.).  Delivery is usually within 5 business days.

WIO workbooks:

Makin’ workbooks:

LWIO workbooks:

BWIO workbooks:

Tradition workbooks:

2.  Download the up-to-date 2024 form and submit by email or fax.   This may be better if you need more than 200 books and prefer to receive an invoice and pay by check.  All orders are for "10-packs" of workbooks (e.g., 3 packs = 30 books.)  Allow 2 weeks for standard delivery; RUSH delivery available.  No phone or email orders can be accepted without this form.

New Workbook Procedure:

Workbooks are priced and sold in  "10-packs" only, not singly.  Therefore, if you need 40 books, order 4 packs.


   1-19 packs  =    $99/pack  ($9.90/book)

   20-39 packs  =  $89/pack  ($8.90/book)

   40+ packs  =    $79/pack  ($7.90/book)

    Shipping  =   $7.50/pack (for 1-19 packs)

Mix & match to reach volume discount.

NOTE: You may also order and pay for workbooks and replacement trainer manuals online at  


However, we are unable to offer volume discounts on that site. If you need over 200 workbooks (20 packs), it is best to order them using the Workbook Order Form.

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