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Beginning to Work It Out

Soft Skills for At-Risk Youth and Young Adults

The 10-lesson Beginning to Work It Out program targets at-risk youth and young adults who may have dropped out of high school and are attempting to enter the job market for the first time.

More and more young people are at risk for chronic unemployment, life-long poverty, and even incarceration. These youth and young adults have increasingly been enrolled in employment and training programs in alternative schools, diversion programs, and community-based organizations. However, many of these individuals are deficient not only in academic and job search skills, but in critical interpersonal skills as well.


Through realistic, topical stories with age-appropriate characters and thought-provoking activities, Beginning to Work It Out participants gain self-awareness, emotional self-control, and skills in interpersonal problem solving.

BWIO Table of Contents

"Beginning to Work It Out" targets at-risk youth and young adults who are preparing for first time employment. This program helps participants develop positive work-related goals and prepare for issues which may occur with supervisors during the first months of work. 

Part 1: Gaining Self-Awareness
Lesson 1   Understanding Conflict
Lesson 2   Power of Personal Beliefs
Lesson 3   Unspoken Rules of Work

Part 2: Managing Emotions
Lesson 4   Warning Signs
Lesson 5   Stop & Think

Part 3: Handling Difficult Conversations
Lesson 6   Expressing Concerns
Lesson 7   Dealing with Criticism

Part 4: Solving Problems
Lesson 8   Problem & Goal
Lesson 9   Info & Insight
Lesson 10 Choices & Consequences
Closing Lesson

BWIO WB cover.jpg


2-page summary of the Beginning to Work It Out program, including a rational, detailed outline, and contact information.

Full, watermarked sample of the Beginning to Work It Out workbook. (May not be used in training.)

Comparison chart highlighting the differences between the various programs.


What Your Colleagues Have Said

“As an educator and trainer, I tend not to want to go to trainings and workshops because I usually know the information. However, in this case the training was great, informative, and educational. Thank you!“

Ferris Griffin, GED instructor
PWDC  Philadelphia, PA

"This program is EXACTLY what we need to help our clients (homeless youth, etc.) get jobs and keep them! I really enjoyed it!!"

John Pirkoff, youth counselor
Urban Peak Denver, CO

“Going through this training gave me so much more insight into the youth I work with, as well as myself and how I deal with stressful situations.  I highly recommend it!”

Monica Burr, Assistant Director, YouthWorks!  Albany, NY

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