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Workin' It Out

Soft Skills for New Workers

The 10-lesson Workin It Out program targets inexperienced or dislocated workers starting a new job, or preparing to do so soon.

Many new or dislocated workers lack the basic interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in the social environment of today's workplace. 

In addition, our increasingly diverse workforce brings varying beliefs and customs regarding appropriate behavior at work. The common-sense expectations many employers hold may be foreign to those with little experience in the workplace.

Through realistic stories, interactive role-plays, and thought-provoking activities, Workin' It Out participants come to better understand the unspoken rules of the workplace. They also learn simple but useful skills for communicating and resolving common work-related problems.

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WIO Table of Contents

"Workin' It Out" targets individuals who are already on the job or preparing for employment in the very near future. This program helps participants prepare for interpersonal problems that may occur during the first 3-6 months of work. 

Part 1: Building Self- Awareness 
Lesson 1   Understanding Conflict 
Lesson 2   Power of Personal Beliefs
Lesson 3   Unspoken Rules of the Workplace

Part 2: Building Interpersonal Skills
Lesson 4   Stop & Think
Lesson 5   Expressing Concerns
Lesson 6   Dealing w/ Criticism

Part 3: Building Problem Solving Skills 
Lesson 7   Problem & Goal
Lesson 8   Info & Insight
Lesson 9   Choices & Consequences
Lesson 10 Closing
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2-page summary of the Workin' It Out program, including a rational, detailed outline, and contact information.

Full, watermarked sample of the Workin' It Out workbook. (May not be used in training.)

Comparison chart highlighting the differences between the various programs.


What Participants and Colleagues Have Said

“The training has been enlightening and informative on a personal as well as a professional level.... even though I began this training as a unwilling participant, you changed that for me.”

Workin' It Out participant
Escambia Community Services, Pensacola, FL

“This was very engaging and all content was relevant to what we would actually be doing.  The energizers were good pick-me-ups and by having me provide a demonstration allowed better understanding of how content is supposed to be delivered.”

Sara F., Promise Jobs Case Manager
Iowa Workforce Development, Burlington, IA

“I loved this training.  You’re fantastic and this training is so important and valuable and you’ve made it easy to grasp.  What a great service you’ve given us to provide.  Thank you!”

Alexis R., US Probation Officer
US Probation Office, Studio City, CA

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