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Learning to Work It Out

Soft Skills for Individuals with Multiple Challenges

The 12-lesson Learning to Work It Out program is specifically designed to help individuals with significant barriers to employment (such as poverty, dependency, addiction, mental and physical health issues) prepare for self-sufficiency and work.  This program is intended to supplement a more comprehensive program to assist with healing and re-integration.

Changes in social programming have left millions of individuals struggling desperately for self-sufficiency.  Many are overwhelmed by their problems, which take a toll on self-esteem and often create self-defeating patterns of behavior.  Gainful employment can be the ticket out of poverty for this generation and the next, but the world of work can seem like an unfriendly place to those who do not know its unspoken rules.


Through structured group activities, supportive role playing, and dramatic stories with realistic characters, LWIO participants come to develop the insights and skills necessary to successfully adjust to the interpersonal demands and social expectations of the workplace.   

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LWIO Table of Contents

"Learning to Work It Out" targets individuals with multiple barriers to employment, especially those struggling with low self-esteem. This program helps participants recognize patterns of self-defeating thinking which keep them from finding success, while preparing them with interpersonal skills needed to deal with problems during the initial job search and adjustment phases. 

Module 1: Self- Awareness
Lesson 1   Courage to Change
Lesson 2   Setting Goals
Lesson 3   Understanding Conflict & Stress

Module 2: From Home to Work
Lesson 4   Personal Beliefs
Lesson 5   Unspoken Rules of Work

Module 3: Emotional Work Situations 
Lesson 6   Stop & Think
Lesson 7   Expressing Concerns
Lesson 8   Dealing with Criticism

Module 4:  Problem Solving at Work
Lesson 9     Identifying Problem & Goal
Lesson 10   Gaining Information and Insight
Lesson 11   Considering Choices & Consequences
Lesson 12   Closing 

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2-page summary of the Learning to Work It Out program, including a rational, detailed outline, and contact information.

Full, watermarked sample of the Learning to Work It Out workbook. (May not be used in training.)

Comparison chart highlighting the differences between the various programs.

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What Your Colleagues Have Said

“The best class about self-worth I’ve ever been involved in. A very powerful class which will help me be better at life.“

Mike A., Makin' It Work participant
Yakima County Jail, Yakima, WA 

“Your warmth, clear commitment to assisting people in mastering the skills touched me.  I also enjoyed your ability to engage and entertain.  Thanks for a terrific program.”

Jane A., US Probation Officer
US Probation Office, Englewood, CA

“This course was informative, engaging, highly participatory, and well-structured. Dr. Steve is an interesting presenter, has a great sense of humor, and kept the workshop moving at a good pace. Top notch material -- well done!!”  

Tim M, Employment Development Counselor
Marin County, CA

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